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23 Forest Street
Arlington, MA  02174
Tel (781) 646-1888
Fax (781) 646-1884 
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Managed Results, Inc.

Comprehensive consulting services for the health care and human services industries.

Our Company at a Glance

Managed Results, Incorporated (MRI) is a Boston-based firm providing comprehensive consulting services to the U.S. health care and human service industries.  The mission of the MRI is to assist our clients in developing the means to most effectively and efficiently serve their customers.  Through organizational interventions designed in collaboration with executive management, MRI consultants have been effective with over 80 clients including:  teaching hospitals; regional medical centers; managed care companies; physician practices; community health centers; home care agencies; health care trade organizations; human services agencies; senior care organizations; medical device and supplier firms. 

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This web site is designed to provide general information to our clients, business associates and friends. The information on this web site does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice and should not be acted upon without prior professional consultation.  For additional information on any issues addressed through this web site or its links, please consult a Managed Results Inc. representative or partner.

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